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Health Tips

10 Most Helpful tips for Health

For the most part, Russia travel is safe. However, as a visitor, you may encounter some situations that are decidedly unsafe. It is important that you follow these tips.

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Health Tip: Don't Drink the Tap Water

Even locals don't drink the tap water in Russia. Tap water may be even more dangerous for foreigners. It can be unused to be completely sanitized.

If you’re getting some water in your mouth while showering, But for drinking water and brushing teeth, use bottled water. The water can be especially bad in St. Petersburg, where the city itself is.

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Health Tip: Don't Drink Unlabeled Vodka

Vodka drinking may be a favorite pastime. It would be yours, too. However, bootleg vodka has long been responsible for Make sure you have been properly prepared. Otherwise, you could unknowingly be drinking shoe polish, sawdust, or even medicinal disinfectant.

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Safety Tip: Pedestrians

In the world, cars have traditionally meant money. Drive wherever they want. On the street, on the curb, on the sidewalk, and over you. This is no joke. If you get a moving vehicle. If you are walking around, you can’t be inconvenienced by stopped traffic.

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Safety Tips: watch yourself in trains

Train travel in Russia is one of the most exciting parts of this vast country. However, other targets were noted. If you are aware of what you drink and drink, make sure you stay aware and drink. Otherwise, you might find yourself a victim of pickpockets or worse.

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Safety Tip: Discrimination Is Rampant Throughout Russia

It is unfortunate but true - Russian society. Disorders, homosexuals, and women, are all regularly discriminated against in Russia. This discrimination can reach dangerous levels.
What to do? You can't change who you are. Large cities like Moscow and St. According to most circumstances, discrimination will happen less often. Where do you want to go? Stay within a group or be escorted by a trusted local individual. Mentalities are changing in Russia but at a ponderous pace.

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Health Tip: Avoid 'Romantic' Encounters

The one-night stand might look like a trip to your trip. After all, Russians are gorgeous! But if you’re on an undeveloped population, you can’t make it. There is no sign of their decline.

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Safety Tip: Be Smart About Your Money

Don't flash money around while traveling in Russia. Yours is spending time on your hotel. Thieves are where they keep it. Don't give pickpockets any help.

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Safety Tip: Keep Your Passport on You

It may be inconvenient to keep your passport with you at all times. You may also worry about losing it or getting it stolen. If you’re in a secure, hidden location It is a little bit more than that.
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Safety Tip: Be Familiar With Dangerous Areas

All cities and towns have their unsavory areas. Wherever you go in Russia, where you can and avoid them. If necessary, have these areas circled on a map. You can easily find out what to do.

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Health Tip: Avoid the Hospital

You want to go to the hospital in Russia. You can have land there. Russia's hospitals sometimes not meet standards standards for c